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Note: this is a repeat breeding of our 2004 litter

color 5/12 5/20 5/28 6/06 6/13 6/19
Blue Male gray sable 15 oz 3.10 lb 4.12 lb 6.6 lb 8.2 lb 11.1 lb
Pink Female black sable 16 oz 3.2 lb 4.8 lb 6.2 lb 8.0 lb 9.1 lb
Lemon Female black/gray sable 16 oz 3.10 lb 4.8 lb 6.2 lb 8.0 lb 10.0 lb
Red Female gray sable 16 oz 3.8 lb 4.12 lb 7.4 lb 8.6 lb 10.1 lb
Multi Male bi-black/gray sable 16 oz 3.6 lb 4.6 lb 6.14 lb 9.6 lb 10.8 lb
Orange Female gray sable 17 oz 3.4 lb 4.10 lb 6.4 lb 7.8 lb 10.4 lb
Green Male black/gray sable 17 oz 3.10 lb 4.12 lb 6.10 lb 9.4 lb 12.6 lb
May 12, 2006

I would like to announce the arrival of the '06 Kiora/Samson puppies. Puppy #1 arrived on Monday, May 8th at 2:00p.m. and puppy #9 arrived on Tuesday at 5:30a.m.!!

Kiora had a very easy time whelping, however, labor was long in coming in between whelps. Puppy #8 was born not breathing and I am not sure what happened. Kiora did tend to this girl right away and neither she nor I were successful in getting her to breathe. Puppy #9 is extremely tiny, a preemie, and I am trying to be the surrogate Mom. She is a gorgeous rich black with a smathering of white on her head. Today doesn't seem to be a great day for her as she doesn't seem to want to eat. Since she has all her parts and pieces it was impossible for me to make the decision to put her down. However I can't bear the thought of her crossing the bridge without a name. In the event that she crosses the bridge, she is now called "Sweet Pea". The other pups are all robust and already looking bigger than a couple of days ago. Kiora is being a great Mom, but is a bit frantic about not having "Sweet Pea" with her. I will try and get some photos done over the weekend. There are three puppies available (including Sweet Pea - if that is God's plan for her- if not, I am sure that Armand will greet her at the bridge, but my heart is heavy just carring aroung those thoughts).

May 22, 2006

Red girl was the first to open her eyes on Day 12 and she was also the only one to crawl out of my holding basket!! Red girl and multi boy were the first to walk. All the other pups now have thier eyes open. Blue boy appears to be
extremely large boned and has a tremendous appetite. I have nickenamed him Sumo (as in sumo wrestler) as he usually go back to the feeding table for not only 2nds, but 3rds and 4ths! LOL All the pups have engaged in a "who can make the most noise during the night". I beleive they must be in competition for the title of "America's Doggie Idol." At this time and point I find red girl, not only the loudest, but also the most energetic and is very eager to push her way to the feeding table and also scream the loudest for her momma!

Right now I am finding coat colors in the following (of course they seem to change every few days: Blue-grey sable with brown on his head and silver up his legs-perhaps a bi, Pink-lucious and rich black sable with grey, Red-Grey sable with white toes, Lemon black/grey sable, Multi-black/grey sable bi, Orange-grey sable, Green Black sable/with grey.pups are all developing grey eyebrows!

May 28, 2006

All the puppies are walking and climbing out of the whelping box, therefore I give them the freedom of the new puppy room. They are just starting to chew on each other and become aware of me, in addition to their momma and are still quite vocal!! They had their first grooming today and will get their grooming sessions daily from now on. They love to crawl over and under each other and also climb up and over momma Kiora's back when she is laying down.

June 13 , 2006

The puppies had their first outing on Sunday and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Momma Kiora is allowing big sister Joy to mingle with her brothers and sisters! Of course the babies think that Joy is another resource to get a quick snack. Outside it is pretty funny as they will follow Kiora but will also follow Joy. Kiora is still into the nesting mode and is digging big holes and of Joy, well Joy does what her momma does. One hole is almost to China now! Green Boy was very intrigued and was about to climb down the "big hole" until Auntie Diane rescued him.

The pups also spent a morning in the outdoor run, however this litter loves their freedom and are the happiest when they can expore unchartered territoy. Green boy is by far the most vocal and multi boy seems to want the role of the "big boss". Their coats are getting fuller and fuller and I beleive that they will need a bath very soon!! They are also enjoying chewing on the plush toys and they have already had to have a washing!


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