KIORA/ACER :: b. November 25, 2007

1 boy (Timber), 1 girl (Faith) - sable plushes

Lemaux's Faithful Rising Star aka Fai

color 11/25 wk1 wk3 wk4 wk6
Blue Male gray sable 1.2lb 2.12lb 4.6lb 7.14lb 16lb
Pink Female brown sable 1.0lb 2.0lb 3.4lb 6.6lb 13lb
December 10, 2007
At week two both puppies are walking and have their eyes open, it is just a matter of time before Blue finds his way out of the whelping Box, Pink has noticed her Christmas toys and has made an attempt to chew on them.
December 24, 2007
Little Blue and Little Pink are doing great-4 weeks old yesterday. Blue tipped the scales at 7.14lbs and Pink at 6.6lbs Both puppies will come to me when I call them and they both love to crawl into my lap when I sit on the floor. They have completed the super dog program. Blue is a lover boy and is very vocal similar to Brady when he was a pup. Pink loves to find her own niche and get comfy. Both pups seem to have a very think coat and Blue is just plain "big" and Pink is like a littler Hummer. The LER will be January 19, 2008
January 8, 2008
At six weeks Blue weighed in at 16 lbs and seems to be getting much lighter in color. Pink weighed in at 13 lbs, Both pups have been chipped and Blue is extremely sweet and seems to have some nice prey drive and so does Pink. Both pups are showing superb intelligence, Pink is already ringing the bells to go out and Blue has attempted to remove the snap hooks from the X -Pen in order to let himself out, since he watches me do this everyday. Big sister Joy will go through the play tunnel on command and Blue will follow her and when I praise him for his accomplishment he will turn around and repeat the run through the tunnel. Momma Kiora is interacting with her babies tossing toys to them and also herding them outside to stay close to one specific area. Big sister Joy is enjoying a game of tug with both pups , and being ever so gentle with them and allowing them to climb all over her like she is Mount Everest!
Kiora/Blue - b. Nov 25, 2007
Golden Spirit's Kiora of Sirius, TT
sire: Majestic Spirit of Zion- dam: Sirius' Diva of Betterways
dob: December 7, 2001 - color: Black/Cream Plush
hips: OFA Good (prelim) - elbows: OFA Normal (prelim)
heart: OFA SLH-CA63/18F/C-PI

Ace's Royal Flush of Zion
sire: Zion's Phoenix Rising - dam: Saber's Last Chance for Zion
dob: July 16, 2005 - color: Lt Brown Sable Plush
hips: OFA Good (prelim)
heart: SLH-CA178/12M/C-NOPIi


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