Joy/Kurgan - b. December 28, 2008
3 boys, 6 girls - all sable - plush & smooth expected

pawMarch 4, 2009 - ADOPTED

We have no puppies available at this time. All of our Joy/Kurgan puppies have gone to their new homes.

pawMarch 1, 2009 - AVAILABLE GIRL

Pink and Red Girl are now spoken for. Lemon is still looking for her forever home. Lemon girl, golden sable, she is the licking kissing puppy, very happy tail wagging girl


pawFebruary 23, 2009 - AVAILABLE GIRLS

Pink girl, brown sable
very happy and tail wagging and is the largest female of the litter.
Lemon girl, golden sable, she
is the licking kissing puppy,
very happy tail wagging girl
Red girl, brown sable, who is also
is a happy tail wagging girl and seems to be the one that has a tad of mischief in her, likes to stir up the pot but will always come when I call her.

pawFebruary 16, 2009

The pups are all fine, quite a scrappy bunch together as they each think they are the top dog! They had their health check today and were all micro chipped so they are ready to go to their new families. All the pups had great scissor bites, eyes clear, hearts good, hips ,good patellas good. They turned 7 weeks today and to date ranged in eight from 10.2-14lbs with only one smooth coated male who doesn't look to be the biggest but actully is the most solid and weighs the most, and that is Cami boy, with Pink & White being the largest females. Two pups, orange and green came to work with me last Saturday. They were a bit overwhelmed with the car ride and deposited their breakfast in the crate but did well with all the attention from my students and parents. I took Blue, cami, red and white to Ct for the kid's fair on Sunday. This place was jamming with people, joining the pups were daddy, Kurgan, Hunter & Tucker. The entire gang drew lots of attention and all were extremely well behaved. I hadn't seen Tucker since HC and is he ever a handsome boy. I had to chuckle because so many people asked if Tucker was the mom to the pups, ha ha we had to tell them that "he" was just a pup himself! There were a lot of tiny toddlers making their way to big daddy Kurgan just wanting to hug him and pet him.The pups did just fine and we rotated the pups out of the X pen and they were held so people could pet them, but I didn't alow anyone into the X pen to handle the pups. I wasn't there Sat and don't know if anyone posted as I haven't got that far in catching up with reading all the posts. I do know that Moziz and Pistol Pete and Manny was there and I was told that all my helpers gave out a ton of info and answered lots of question. Thank you so much to Christy, hint hint we could use you in Providence. There was a vendo close to us that were selling lizzards and he told us yesterday that he had never sold so many because evryone was lined up knee deep and waiting to thros Manny the frisbee so while they were waiting they bought lizzards. Ha ha next time they will be in Providence and I think I will ask for some commission since it was the shiloh that gave them so many customers!

January 24, 2009

The pups are weighing in from 4 lbs to 5.6 lbs with Orange boy being the largest male and Pink being the largest female. They are sleeping all night!!!! Their favorite toy right now are plastic water bottles and they are beginning to carry around the plush puppy toys. Pink seems to be the most independent and Blue, even though the loudest seems to be the biggest cuddle bug! The pups are loving the human interaction and as soon as you sit on the floor they all gather around, talk and try to get into your lap or cuddle close and then grab a nap!

January 9, 2009

The boys are : Orange, Cami, and Blue Orange, being the biggest Cami, being the sweetest and looks like he has huge bone Blue-the loudest and the most unusual in color with the tinest white streak on his forehead, white toes, and a white blaze on his chest. The girls are: Lemon, Pink, Magenta, White, Red & Green Red girl is the only one that looks like Joy, Pink, Lemon and Green-are like the Wiggles-always moving Magenta is easy going White looks like her brother Cami The pups are all getting on their feet and the eyes are starting to open! Right now their favorite pastime is eating and sleeping!

December 29, 2008

Joy has had her "bundles of joy" We have 10 Kurgan/Joy babies! It was a very long process 21 hours and I was expecting 7 or 8, so I guess she was able to fool everyone! We have 7 girls and 3 boys. This is a non NB litter with both smooth and plush coats. Right now the pups all appear to be brown sables and seem to be doing well.

I took Joy in for a pit shot since she surprised me with 9 & 10 at 4am and I didn't seem them whelped.Well the vet papitated her and could feel nothing retatined gave her the shot and we came home. When I let her out of the van she came flying out with another pup in her mouth-this was #11 and she was a huge gorgeous female. Unfortunaty she was not breathing and for whatever reasons Joy's labor didn't start up again to whelp this puppy . It could have been disaster for Joy if I didn't birng her in for the shot! Joy and I are both distraught over the loss of the beautful puppy. She brought her into the house and deposited her into the whelping box with the rest of the litter and when she got distracted i picked her up, even now Joy is still looking for her!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and watch your e mail box as I need help for the Kid's Fair in Hartford in Feb. I cannot work it but I think I could get away for a few hours to set up and hopefully take down providing I can get a pup sitter, since by tht time the little furkids will need to be fed!

bCHptd Rising Star's Armand's Joy, TT, CGC 
sire: Asgard Samson
  Golden Spirit's Kiora of Sirius
bCHptd Picard's Prize Kurgan de Zion
sire: Highlander-Zions Super Torus
IG's Golden Promise for Zion
dob: December 12, 2004
color: Gray Sable Plush
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist
dob: June 16, 2005
color: White Smooth
hips: OFA Fair [SLH-396F39M-PI]
elbows: OFA Normal [SLH-EL202M39-PI]

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