Joy/Kurgan - b. July 22, 2010
4 boys, 3 girls - all sable - plush & smooth
all puppies have been adopted

pawSeptember 29, 2010 - Adopted

All our 2010 Joy/Kurgan puppies have been adopted. Still interested in a Rising Star puppy? Contact me about our upcoming litters.

pawSeptember 12, 2010 - Week 7

Our 7 Week conformation-style photos have been posted.

pawSeptember 8, 2010 - Week 6

(1) Joy keeping her babies together, (2) green boy liking the camera, (3) pink girl (4) white girl, (5) Blue boy, (6) Lemon girl, (7) pink girl, (8) white girl, (9) gray boy, (10) pink girl and white girl in the back, (11) white girl and green boy, (12) Joy watching out for coyotes

Lemon girl is quite fiesty, and can jump like a kangaroo and climb like a monkey. White girl likes to be picked up and give kisses.  Gray boy likes to grab the collars of the other pups and take them for a ride. Lemon, pink and blue love to get in the water bowl and play, orange boy seems to like to show gray boy that he is not always the boss. The pups are showing nice movement and can move at a fast pace.  The pups have great bone . Joy likes to interact with her babies and Grandma Kiora also likes to play with the pups and puppy sit. 

pawAugust 31, 2010 - Week 5

(1) Puppies looking for company,  (2) puppies are hoping to get lunch, (3) Amanda puppy sitting, (4) gray boy, (5) gray boy, (6) Grandma Kiora puppy sitting, (7) Kiora giving Blue boy a little grooming, (8) Kiora having fun and giving lessons to her grandkids.

pawAugust 24, 2010 - Week 4

Puppies are outside for the first time, next three photos are the puppies enjoing their raw meal of chicken drumsticks, ( then there are individuals ) Green Boy-plush, Pink Girl-plush, Blue Boy-plush , Gray Boy-smooth, Yellow Girl-smooth, White Girl-plush, Orange Boy-smooth

The pups love to climb in your lap when you sit on the floor, they also like to nibble on your fingers or toes, I think some of them wear that tilted halo as some of they are also loving to shred paper. They will vocalize when they are in the weaning box for you to come get them out, however like good puppies they will settle down when they don't get their own way. They have all enjoyed on chewing on some large carrots and lastly at 4 weeks they loved to be held and give kisses.

pawAugust 17, 2010 - Week 2 & 3

Personalities are emerging with Gray boy seeming to be a very happy go lucky boy, and with Pink girl seemingly trying to be the alpha girl.  The pups are enjoying their toys and love to climb in your lap when you sit on the floor.  They are all responding to their collar colors when called and I would say what they love the most is to be talked too!  They had a tiny bit of Aunt Jeni's chicken today and have investigated the water bowl on their own.  The pups seem to have nice broad heads like their daddy, Kurgan.  They will be going outside this weekend for the 4th week B' Day and have enjoyed the company of Kurgan's family this week and Joy was just fine with everyone picking up the babies, although she keep her eyes on everyone with interest feeling reassured that her babies were in good hands.  The pups , as of this weekend will be ready for visitors.  They are friendly and love the attention.  It is starting to appear that orange boy, gray boy, and lemon girl may be smooth coats, but it is still too early to say for sure. White girl reminds me of Joy as she has a very black muzzle and her paws are black with a white dot on her chin and a little white dot directly underneath on her chest.  They sleep through the night with soft music playing and only get quite noisy when they want to eat.

pawJuly 29, 2010 - Week 1

Some of the pups are trying to walk with Gray boy being the first. They also had their first nail trim.  Good puppies doing lots of eating and sleeping. 

pawJuly 22, 2010 - ARRIVED

4 boys, 3 girls sable puppies arrived today!
GV NS bCH Rising Star's Armand's Joy, TT, CGC 
sire: Asgard Samson
  Golden Spirit's Kiora of Sirius
bCHptd Picard's Prize Kurgan de Zion
sire: Highlander-Zions Super Torus
IG's Golden Promise for Zion
dob: December 12, 2004
color: Gray Sable Plush
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist
dob: June 16, 2005
color: White Smooth
hips: OFA Fair [SLH-396F39M-PI]
elbows: OFA Normal [SLH-EL202M39-PI]

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