Brooklyn's Rising Star, TT aka Brook

b. December 12, 2004 | hips OFA Prelim Fair
sire: Asgard-Samson dam: Golden Spirit's Kiora of Sirius

"We love our Brook because she is everything you would want in
a dog. She is BIG, cute, playful, evenly tempered, and the best friend
you will ever have." --Sohpia Clementi, age 12


My best friend
is black as burned coal
and pretty as a flower.
She's got a beautiful soul
which is like a warm shower.
Who is she?

My best friend
is as big as a house
but would'nt hurt a mouse.
She's funny as a cartoon
and elegant as the moon.
Who is she?

My best friend
is clever as a fox
and furry as a bear.
She's got long tall hocks
and gives one a scare.
Who is she?

My best friend
is Brooklyn's Rising Star
and our love goes very far.
Our bond is very strong
so may her life be long!
She is my dog!

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