Shiloh Shepherds, as direct decendents to the German Shepherd Dog, have a great instinct for herding.

In 2002, Shiloh Shepherds begun entering herding trials to achieve recognition with the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA). In 2004, the breed is now listed on AHBA's website as an "Accepted Breed".

American Herding Breeds Association (AHBA)

TRIAL PROGRAM: At the trial level, numerical scoring and class placements are given, with a qualifying score required, similar to obedience competitions. Two legs under two different judges are required for each of the three levels. Titles are earned sperately for the different types of stock, with an initial after the title indicatiing the type of stock on which the title was earned. The three levels of HTD have standardized courses with free-standing obstalces. The three levels of HRD involve ranch and farm courses which vary individually in layout while meeting specified requirements.

HTD I-Herding Trial Dog I. The started level, standard course.

HTD II-Herding Trial Dog II. The intermediate level, standard course.

HTD III-Herding Trial Dog III. The advanced level, standard course.

HRD I, HRD II, HRD III-Herding Ranch Dog. Levels as above, earned seperately on varying ranch/farm courses.

HTCh.-Herding Trial Champion. After an advanced title has been completed, a dog may earn a championship by obtaining 10 scores of 80 or above at the advanced level.

TEST PROGRAM: At the test level, judging is on a pass/not pass basis, with no numerical scoring or class placemets. Legs for the same title may be earned on different types of stock, with small initials after the title indicating the type of stock on which the title was earned. Two legs are required for the titles, under two different testers.

HCT-Herding Capability Tested. The first leg of the HCT may be a basic instinct test, with the tester handling the dog. The second leg requires a little additional training and consists of simples passes across the small arena with a stop and recall. For the second leg, as with all tests and trials other than the first leg of the HCT, the dog must be handled by the owner or a handler designated by the owner.

JHD-Junior Herding Dog. The JHD also requires two legs, but the legs are identical. The stock are taken around the arena through a simple course.


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